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New Game - Emit

2014-02-26 13:00:26 by Stix



Designed by: Stix

Programmed by: Coolboyman



Play through 4 Stages, all with their own distinctive theme

2310767_139343666532_emitstage1.jpg  2310767_139366449922_emitstage3.jpg


5 Type of enemies PER stage: Weak, Medium, Strong, Miniboss and Final Boss

(that's 20 UNIQUE enemies & bosses awaiting you!)

2310767_139343599611_ennemy4-easy.gif   2310767_139366407312_ennemy2-med-walk.gif 2310767_139343579982_ennemy3-med-walk.gif  2310767_139343581593_ennemy2-weak-walk.gif2310767_139343595421_ennemy1-miniboss-walk.gif


Level Up your character, gain Stats points and Money

2310767_139366397982_player-stand2.gif 2310767_139366423072_emitlvl4.png 


Buy up to 8 Guns, all with their own different stats and playstyle

 2310767_139343541943_gun-assault.png 376253954_gun-uzi.png 2310767_139366378411_gun-missilegun.png 2310767_139343542721_gun-shotgun.png 


Use your Stats points to upgrade your Skills



Try to gather all the Medals (500pts!) and beat the High Scores leaderboard

2310767_139343564683_enemy8.png 2310767_139343565843_boss2.png 2310767_139343622622_stats.png 2310767_139343567861_goldmedal.png 2310767_139366492811_miniboss4.png


Play it here -


This was my first attempt at Pixel Art, my first attempt at creating a full game as well.

A lot of time and effort has been put into this (probably too much)


Emit - Out next week!

2014-02-18 07:16:07 by Stix


After a ton of delay, the official game release date: February 26th.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Beta and gave constructive feedback.

Get hyped, more info coming soon!