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Entry #2

New Game - Emit

2014-02-26 13:00:26 by Stix



Designed by: Stix

Programmed by: Coolboyman



Play through 4 Stages, all with their own distinctive theme

2310767_139343666532_emitstage1.jpg  2310767_139366449922_emitstage3.jpg


5 Type of enemies PER stage: Weak, Medium, Strong, Miniboss and Final Boss

(that's 20 UNIQUE enemies & bosses awaiting you!)

2310767_139343599611_ennemy4-easy.gif   2310767_139366407312_ennemy2-med-walk.gif 2310767_139343579982_ennemy3-med-walk.gif  2310767_139343581593_ennemy2-weak-walk.gif2310767_139343595421_ennemy1-miniboss-walk.gif


Level Up your character, gain Stats points and Money

2310767_139366397982_player-stand2.gif 2310767_139366423072_emitlvl4.png 


Buy up to 8 Guns, all with their own different stats and playstyle

 2310767_139343541943_gun-assault.png 376253954_gun-uzi.png 2310767_139366378411_gun-missilegun.png 2310767_139343542721_gun-shotgun.png 


Use your Stats points to upgrade your Skills



Try to gather all the Medals (500pts!) and beat the High Scores leaderboard

2310767_139343564683_enemy8.png 2310767_139343565843_boss2.png 2310767_139343622622_stats.png 2310767_139343567861_goldmedal.png 2310767_139366492811_miniboss4.png


Play it here -


This was my first attempt at Pixel Art, my first attempt at creating a full game as well.

A lot of time and effort has been put into this (probably too much)



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2014-02-26 14:05:14

This is a pretty cool game you got here. ;) Pretty cool seeing some of these sprites in standalone form too, wonder how long all these graphics took to make? Also wonder which program you used to make them? Also... wonder if you know what the best way to scale a pixel image is without losing image quality (I mean, just making it look blockier, ex. 1px = 4px, without lines getting fuzzy)?

Stix responds:

thank you!
I've made the sprites using photoshop, this game has been in the work (on and off) for about 8 months.
you probably can't preserve quality while resizing pixel art, since it's not vector!


2014-02-26 14:35:51

Long time! I know pixel work takes long to make but damn... that's a long time! :D Hoping to get a miniature adventure done for St. Patrick's Day myself, nothing of this scale/quality but it's also my first pixel adventure so that'll be... educational.

As for that thing about scaling, you can zoom in within the program without loosing quality right? Feels like there should be a way to do the same outside the program, once it's been exported. I just now zoomed in using Windows built-in image viewer... and whadayaknow, no quality loss! :D So in theory I could zoom in on each one and take a screenshot of it; save as a new file... but there's gotta be some easier way... some program... some setting... I'll figure it out. :)

If you're interested btw, I've been working with this:

Any plans on making a sprite sheet out of all these game graphics?

Stix responds:

yes technically you can do that. I'll most likely upload more enemies to the art portal.


2014-02-26 17:40:18

Hope there gonna be Emit 2 keep up the good work man! :3

(Updated ) Stix responds:

thanks. that won't be anytime soon, I do have ideas for a sequel though !


2014-02-26 19:47:05

I beta tested this.


2014-03-03 08:51:45

A working technicality. :) I'll keep an eye out on the portal then!


2014-03-03 19:37:26

This game is Awesome i love the retro side shooter games, I've gotten all the medals, and ima add this game to my favorites :)

Stix responds:



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